Pumpkins Don’t Grow in Pumpkin Patches

GIGGLING PUMPKINS is the first in a line of fantastical not-so-educational books, meant to stir curiosity, and inspire a desire to learn true education.

Hollywood Creature Effects Artist, Lynette Eklund, and Walt Disney’s Legendary Imagineer, Terri Hardin, have teamed together on the illustrations for GIGGLING PUMPKINS, a whimsical tale (written by Lynette Eklund) based on their many years of experience with pumpkin patches at Lynette’s family corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Time and time again, Lynette Eklund endured the stress of walking through acres and acres of vines to find no ripe pumpkins right before Terri Hardin was due to arrive to host pumpkin sculpting lessons in the corn maze barn lot. Then a few days later, she would walk the same rows and magically wind up collecting so many pumpkins, she would need a tractor to haul them out. After suffering repeated years of this exasperating phenomenon, Lynette took it upon herself to discover the truth of how those pumpkins really get on those vines. Now she knows, and she’s letting the secret out!

Hand-drawn by Terri Hardin—best known as a judge on the Food Network’s Outrageous Pumpkins, as well as for her work for Walt Disney, her own trademarked collectables, Jim Henson, and as an international speaker—Lynette Eklund has added her own colorful water-color skills to complete the illustrations on each page. The combination is being described by readers as “pretty and cute at the same time.”

Lynette Eklund was part of the original Teddy Ruxpin design team. She went on to become an effects artist on some of the largest films of all time. After retiring her haunted corn maze after 14 years, she now divides her time between building creatures, making appearances at fan conventions, and pulling picture books and novels from her imagination.
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We autographed extra copies while were were together, so you can still get Giggling Pumpkins signed by both author/painter Lynette Eklund and line artist Terri Hardin.